Diego Poli, Head Pastry Chef

Our highly talented Head Pastry Chef Diego Poli has been cooking since he was a young boy. Raised in Versilia, Diego has always had a passion for cooking and followed his passion by choosing a secondary school specializing in hospitality. He began his career in the kitchen working the summer months in the kitchens of hotels in Versilia as a teenager.

With the help of professor Paganini, he entered the restaurant brigade for award winning restaurant La Magnolia at Hotel Byron where he became executive chef, and first met Michelin starred chef Andrea Mattei. It was at the Magnolia where Andrea and Diego formed a professional and inspiring culinary team.

After his season at the Hotel Byron Diego decided to further his knowledge in pastry making. He went on to work in the best pastry laboratories in Italy learning the basics of how to make fine chocolates and to decorate cakes. He then returned to catering at the Piccolo Principe at the Hotel Principe  di Piemonte of Viareggio. After this rich culinrary experience, he became part of the staff of Gherardi a Massarosa Pastries. Working closely with Massimiliano Bettazzi, Master Pastry Chef, from whom Diego refined his chocolate making and learned the art of high-level pastry making.

During this period, his interest in experimenting with baking inspired him to follow courses and further his experiences with working with mother yeast. He has been inspired by the recipes of master chefs such as Rolando Morandin and MOF Francesi, he has also followed courses for gourmet desserts and pastries with exceptional chefs Frederic Bourse and Davide Comaschi.

After many years of honing his exceptional creative pastry and chocolate making abilities Diego now hosts cooking classes, workshops and courses at Borgo’s cooking school, near Siena.