Olga Bafile, Mamma knows best!
Local chef

Once you meet Mamma Olga you will be overwhelmed by her passion for making good old-fashioned Tuscan food.

One of the legendary talents of the Tuscan village of Palazzetto Mamma Olga creates heart-warming traditional dishes made with local ingredients from the garden, farm and local suppliers. Olga has 30 years of experience cooking in the most popular restaurants near Borgo and she has also cooked for her Tuscan family for over three decades.

Olga is a passionate cook who holds a special love for Tuscany, and she loves to share her own Nonna’s family recipes. Being taught by Olga cook is an experience you will never forget.

Olga has made thousands of ravioli in her lifetime and her family recipes for gnudi, gnocci and pate are legendary in Tuscany. Spending time with a traditional Tuscan farmhouse cook creating delicious comfort food within an old Tuscan barn is a nostalgic and heart-warming experience.

The cooking school was originally a farm building and has now been transformed into a modern cooking school but with strong connections to its past. For many generations the barn was a storehouse for agricultural machinery. It also housed the construction of the carnival wagon for the small town of Palazzetto. It is for these reasons that the people of Palazzetto hold much fondness for this location, and have been so happy to see it transformed into the cooking school of Borgo Santo Pietro.

By watching Olga one can understand how cooking was done years ago before many ancient traditions were lost with the advancement of modern cooking techniques. Olga cooks in a natural and simple way embracing traditional cooking techniques to create the true tastes of Tuscany.