Making bread: the staple of any Italian meal

Bread making with
traditional mother yeast

Bread is the single most important aspect of any Italian household and each region boasts its own special and typical recipes. In fact,  Borgo Santo Pietro  still has its 800-year-old bread oven, which was once used to make bread for the pilgrims passing through Tuscany on their travels.

In Tuscany the bread is not salted for historical reasons dating back to the Middle Ages when there was a general protest against the salt tax. That tax has long been lifted, but bakers in Tuscany still keep the tradition of not salting their bread.

In our Tuscan bread making classes you'll learn the secrets of how to make delicious Tuscan bread and be taught to make traditional whole-wheat focaccia or flatbread, grissini (breadsticks) with olive oil, and mouth-watering crackers with herbs.

The yeast used at Borgo has been lovingly fermented over the decades and passed from cook to cook, as is the tradition with bakers in Tuscany. Known as 'mother yeast', it is kept chilled and passed from generation to generation, continuing and encouraging the important tradition of Tuscan bread making.

€290 per person, up to 4 people
€250 per person for 5 or more people

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