From Pail to Plate

Artisan cheese making

Learn how to make artisan cheese using fresh milk from Borgo's sheep, guided by our shepherd Ivan Piras. Ivan's knowledge of sheep and cheese making is an integral part of his Sardinian family heritage, which includes an artisan cheese factory next door in Palazzetto that also supplies Meo Modo, and he now practises the craft in Tuscany.

In this class Ivan demonstrates the elaborate process of making pecorino, including the phases in between when the first curds float to the top and are extracted to make the simple cream-like raveggiolo and its salted equivalent, primo sale. He also shares the secret to making ricotta, which gains its name from the fact that the whey leftover from making pecorino is 'recooked' and transformed into cheese with the addition of fresh sheep's milk.

Using fresh milk collected by Ivan that morning a stone's throw from the door of the Borgo Cooking School, our artisan cheese making course offers a true taste of Borgo's 'farm to plate' philosophy in action.

What you will learn:

How to make fresh artisan pecorino and ricotta using milk from Borgo's sheep.

Hours: from 10:00 – 12:00

Instructor: Ivan Piras

Lessons are in Italian with an English interpreter.

Cost: €95 per person

For more information about our From Pail to Plate course, please send an email to or phone +39 0577 75 1222.