Pasta: a true Italian tradition

'Mani in Pasta': Pasta cooking course

With more than 350 varieties of pasta in Italy, it's easy to understand why it is the staple of every good Italian's diet. While many credit Marco Polo with the introduction of pasta or spaghetti to Italy, noodles have actually been present in the region since the time of the ancient Etruscans and Romans.

Tuscans take their pasta making very seriously, and the skill is one passed down through generations of Tuscans around the world. Choosing the right pasta to go with the right sauce is crucial, as is the method and timing required to make and cook the pasta dough. At the Borgo Cooking School, you learn all the basics of traditional Italian pasta making from the mamma who lives next door in the village of Palazzetto.

Fresh pasta is made by hand, starting with a selection of the right kind of flour and followed by a gentle process of kneading and folding the dough by hand using the traditional method. Learn about the history, names and meanings of different pasta shapes and discover which sauces accompany which types of pasta in Tuscany.

All the ingredients for the pasta fillings and sauces come straight from local producers, including Borgo's own organic kitchen gardens and farm.

Make ricotta-filled ravioli with sage, tagliolini with sausage ragù, and gnocchi with sheep’s cheese made with milk from Borgo’s own flock.

For the adventurous chef, why not sign up to our gourmet pasta course, dedicated to the elusive and precious tartufo (truffle)? Here you'll learn how to make ravioli with truffle and ricotta, truffled tagliolini, and gnocchi with truffle and sheep's cheese.

Olga Bafile . Lessons are in Italian with an English interpreter.

​€240 per person, up to 4 people
€200 per person for 5 or more people

€340 per person for the tartufo course, up to 4 people
€300 per person for the tartufo course for 5 or more people

For more information about our Pasta Cooking course, please send an email to or phone +39 0577 75 1222.