True Tuscan cooking, just like Mamma makes

Tuscany is known for its delicious regional dishes and vibrant culinary history. With traditional recipes and classic cooking methods our traditional Tuscan classes share the secrets of creating classic comfort food, Tuscan-style.

True Tuscan cooking is passed down from generation to generation, and every Italian family holds their own variations of classic dishes dear.

During one of our traditional Tuscan cooking classes you can enjoy spending time with Mamma Olga, who lives in the village and shares her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes for simple Italian food.

In Olga’s cooking classes you will learn how to make patè di fegatini, Tuscany's own version of chicken liver pate, pappa al pomodoro, a bread soup made with tomatoes, gnudi (little dumplings) with ricotta cheese, butter and sage and peposo, a spicy beef stew typical of Impruneta in the Chianti region.

Why not sign up for the gourmet version of the traditional Tuscan class, where local recipes take on a gastronomic twist with the addition of the prized Tuscan ingredient tartufo (truffle)?

Sign up for the tartufo class and make classic gnudi with ricotta and truffle, chicken baked in a terracotta pot with truffle and white wine, and creamed sheep’s milk with truffle and honey.

​Olga Bafile . Lessons are in Italian with an English interpreter.

​€290 per person, up to 4 people
€250 per person for 5 or more people

€390 per person for the tartufo course, up to 4 people
€350 per person for the tartufo course for 5 or more people

For more information about our Tuscan Country Cooking course, please send an email to or phone +39 0577 75 1222.