Our Farm

From the garden to your plate

Our Farm is at the heart of Borgo Santo Pietro  , located in the Serene Valley, 30 minutes from Siena. Every season we become more self sufficient, self reliant and sustainable. Our organic Tuscan estate grows natural produce month by month and this year we welcome more sheep, chickens and rare-breed pigs to our little Borgo family farm.

An essential element of the Tuscan lifestyle here at Borgo Santo Pietro is the work that takes place in our abundant kitchen garden. The team of gardeners work throughout the year ensuring that the organic kitchen garden produces vegetables, fruit, herbs and honey for the restaurant kitchens and of course for the cooking school. We celebrate the simple honest seasonal ingredients that we grow organically and bio-dynamically. Our harvest is nurtured and gathered with love whilst honoring the 800 year-old tradition of producing good food for the people of this ancient Tuscan village.  

Why not spend time at our farm and join in the planting and picking or fresh produce. Wander through our orchards and nut groves, collect fresh eggs from our hens, help the bee-keepers extract rich acacia and lavender infused honeys, see our sheep being milked and learn the techniques for making Pecorino cheese.

The farm experience at Borgo Santo Pietro is truly special and transports visitors to a timeless place where nature and nurture combined produce the perfect sense of culinary alchemy.