Our Story

The history of Borgo Santo Pietro: from pilgrim's path to gourmet destination.

Borgo Santo Pietro  was born out of the passion and desire to create and share a unique yet welcoming country house hotel where nature meets luxury.

We accidentally stumbled across the ruin of this enchanting Tuscan village in 2001 and felt an immediate spiritual connection to this very special place.

We have embarked on a long and ever-evolving restoration journey to create a luxury boutique resort. With many years of hard work and passionate commitment, we have brought this medieval Tuscan village back to life.

Originally a retreat for pilgrims and travellers to rest, restore and revive, the hotel remains true to these ideals, offering guests the chance to enjoy the very best hospitality at the hotel, spa, restaurant and cookery school.

Now an impressive self-sufficient country estate with its own farm, Borgo Santo Pietro can be found just 35 minutes from the city of Siena and 90 minutes from Florence. The land at Borgo is beautiful, with views that capture the heart and soul. The farmland is also rich and fertile, and provides our hotel, restaurants and cooking school with a bounty of organic vegetables, herbs, eggs and honey every day. Our team of gardeners, chefs, cooks and staff grow, harvest and transform these simple raw ingredients into the very best five-star Tuscan menus.

From the simple seasonal cooking classes that were once held in our farmhouse kitchen, our dream has been realised in the creation of our own Borgo Cooking School. A purpose-built gastronomic centre for Tuscan cooking, the Borgo Cooking School offers a whole series of courses, from basic cooking classes for beginners to more complex gourmet master classes for serious cooks.

At our Tuscan cooking school we share our ‘farm to plate' food philosophy, where we focus on the natural ingredients and their textures, aromas and tastes. The cooking school is located right next to the farm’s kitchen garden, which produces fresh organic ingredients all year around. We teach the simplicity of growing and nurturing produce through to the harvesting, preparation and preservation of seasonal ingredients from the region.