Hazelnut Chocolates

Chocolates with hazelnut filling

These hazelnut chocolates consist of a hazelnut chocolate ganache dunken in dark chocolate. Rich, creamy and nutty.

Ingredients for 1 mold:

200gr Dark Chocolate

75gr Dark Chocolate

50 gr Crushed Hazelnuts

50gr Toasted Hazelnut Paste

5gr Cocoa Butter


To make the filling, mix the hazelnut paste and the 75 grams of melted dark chocolate, bring to a temperature of 45°C, stir and place the mixture in a sac-a-poche.

Slowly melt 200grams of dark chocolate and encase the mold. Make the chocolate crystalize and fill the mold with the hazelnut-cocoa filling. Cover with chocolate.

Make the mold crystalize at 16°C for 12 hours. Remove the chocolate from the mold.