Borgo salad with egg yolk and herbs

Borgo Garden Salad is a celebration of the vegetables and herbs that are grown in our kitchen garden at Borgo Santo Pietro.

Ingredients for 4 people

Salad, herbs and flowers form the garden

Savoury malt biscuit

Marinated egg yolk

Yoghurt and herb sauce

Soft herb biscuit

Oil dust


Clean and wash the salad, herbs and flowers.

With the leftover bits, prepare a cream: cook them in salted water, drain and then put in the mixer, adding the yoghurt.

To make the dust, mix maltodextrin with the extra virgin olive oil.

Leave the yolks to marinade for at least 48 hours under salt and sugar, rinse and place between 2 sheets of wax oven paper.

For the savoury malt biscuit: 175g of 0 grade flour, 80g of dark malt, 25g of sugar, 90g of beer and mix well. 50G of 00 grade flour, 20g of dark malt, 50g of nut flour, 3g of salt, 50gr of melted butter and mix well.

Combine the 2 mixtures and dry in the oven at 150° for an hour.

For the soft biscuits: 60gr of herb purée, 60gr of egg whites, 40gr of egg yolk, 20gr of flour. Mix it all in the blender, sieve, cook in plastic cups in the microwave.

Pate the herb sauce, then the crumbled malt biscuits. On top, place in a voluminous and harmonious fashion the salad leaves, herbs and flowers, add the marinated egg yolk, the olive dust and then the olive oil.