Flowers and leaves

Flowers and Leaves is a gourmet dessert created by the chefs at Borgo Cooking School. A feast of textures, flavors and colors you never tire of.



50 g whipped butter

50 g powdered sugar

50 g egg whites

50 g flour 160w

Bergamot orange ice

85 g Bergamot orange

85 g water

25 g glucose

2 g gelatin sheets

8 g water

Mascarpone cream

250 g cream

160 g egg yolk

1000 g mascarpone

250 g caster sugar

4 g gelatine

Vanilla biscuit

170 g whole eggs

170 g sugar

100 g egg yolk

135 g weak absorbing flour

40 g starch

20 garoma

Flowers 20 pz

16 fresh herb leaves

100 gr lavender sugar

2 egg whites

200 gr caster sugar


For the leaves: whip the powdered sugar with the butter, add the egg whites and mix well, add the flour last and mix to obtain a smooth and fluid consistency. Let this rest in the fridge for an hour. With a baking spatula, spread the mixture and then bake in the oven at 180°c for 5 minutes.

For the ice: Bring the water, glucose syrup and bergamot orange juice to boil. Add the gelatin that has been previously softened in water. Freeze for around 2 hours. Mix in an electric mixer until it turns to powder.

For the mascarpone cream: mix in this order cream, yolk, mascarpone, caster sugar with a kitchen mixer with whisk for about 5 minutes.

For the vanilla biscuit: in the kitchen mixer add the whole eggs, yolks and caster sugar and mix for around 10 minutes. Sift the flour, garoma and starch, slowly adding it to the rest with a soft baking spatula. Spread the mixture in a baking tin that has already been buttered and covered with wax paper.Bake at 180° for around 20 minutes. Once out of the oven, let cool on a cooling grill.