Pappa al Pomodoro

Pappa al pomodoro is the quintessential Tuscan dish. A thick tomato soup prepared with stale Tuscan bread, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and lots of basil leaves.

Traditional Tuscan bread soup

Ingredients for 4 people:

300 gr Stale Tuscan Bread

800 gr of Mature Florentine Tomatoes

2 Garlic Wedges

6 Basil Leaves


Chili Pepper


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Add extra virgin olive oil and garlic wedges in a pot. Let the garlic simmer in the oil and add your sliced tomato pieces, basil and salt.

Add water to cover the tomatoes, and let cook for 20 minutes.

Cut bread into slices and add to sauce. Let it cook for about 10 minutes, and frequently stir.

Stir well for the bread to loosen.

Serve with raw extra virgin olive oil.