I giovedì

The Sea comes to the Country.
Fish and Seafood cooking course

In this class you will learn to:

Marinate Anchovies, make Risotto with black Squid ink, prepare and cook Octopus in red wine sauce, and the world-famous Cacciuco fish stew from Livorno.

In the special gourmet fish and seafood course you will learn to:

Cook Scampi or jumbo prawns with spelt and herbs, whole Anchovies, Pici pasta with red prawns, and roasted Sea Bass with green peas and peanuts.


11:00-14:00 for morning classes
16:00-19:00 for afternoon classes


 Chef Andrea Mattei  and Chef Andrea Ferrari . Lessons are in Italian with an English interpreter.


€290 per person, up to 4 people
€250 per person for 5 or more people

For more information about our Fish and Seafood cooking classes please send an email to info@borgosantopietro.com
or phone +39 0577 75 1222